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Client Feedback:

"We really enjoyed the presentation. We will definitely invite him back again."

 "Guy, You are amazing! Our group learned so much from you about fossils, that we will never look the same way at a rock we find at the beach! Your depth of knowledge, combined with your sense of humor, engaged adults and kids alike. Thank you so much again for doing this field trip for our geology group."

"Worked well with both children and adults."

"We had a wonderful time and I've already recommended the class to a number of people. We look forward to going again."

"Guy interacts with every person at his talk. He was informative, engaging, and entertaining, all while making everyone feel like they were at a relaxed party rather than a "talk". We can't wait to have him back!"

"Great speaker, knowledgeable and entertaining."

"A unique experience! Lots of fun and very educational. I would highly recommend for everyone."

"So much fun...very knowledgeable...thanks for giving your time to teach others."

"Way more than I thought the day was about. Guy was patient, professional, funny and knowledgeable. Even with an abundance of naive questions, he was never condescending or rude. I learned soooo much and feel it changed how I see our natural coastal history. My friends and family will certainly benefit too!"