Exploring Oregon Fossils & Rocks Since 1998

Are you unable to visit a museum? Why not bring the museum to you?

Through 'edutaining' and intriguing multi-media presentations, we showcase the fascinating details of Oregon's fossil & geological history. We bring fossil and rock specimens from a large collection, including thundereggs, sunstones, and other specimens over 15-60 million years old.

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Engaging Fossil & Geology Presentations

Discover the special brand of "edutainment" used by Oregon Fossil Guy to engage audiences! We enjoy sharing the earth sciences with the public. Learn how the Earth - and our plants and animals - have changed over the years.

Presentations include hands-on fossil specimen displays and audience participation, with multi-media formats available as well. Program topics currently include:

Fossils You Can Find on Oregon Beaches — You'll never walk on the beach the same way again!
Oregon's State Fossil: Metasequoia — The story behind two Legislative sessions and making the case for a 'state designation'.
Oregon's State Rock: Thunderegg — How something so ugly on the outside will hide such beauty inside.
Oregon's State Gemstone: Sunstone — Crystalline clarity from the deep desert.
Dinosaur Digging in Montana — Getting dirty searching for a juvenile Duckbill dinosaur.
Eastern Oregon Fossil Digging — Basic fossil field forensics behind 'The Tale of Three Skulls'.
Fossils From America's Two West Coasts — Searching for huge fossil shark teeth on Florida's Gulf Coast compared to collecting Oregon beach fossils.
Doug Emlong: Oregon's Smithsonian Connection — Hear how tons of Oregon and West Coast fossils found their way to our nation's capital.

Students With Fossils


Available at a bargain, each program involves a fee of only $100, plus supplies and travel costs. Please ask about discounts for educators, libraries, tour operators, contract clients, special events and multiple-day bookings. Promotional digital images available by request.