Exploring Oregon Fossils & Rocks Since 1998

Are you unable to visit a museum? Why not bring the museum to you? Through enjoyable and intriguing presentations, we showcase the fascinating details of Oregon's fossil & rock history. We bring along fossil and rock specimens from our very own collection, including thundereggs, sunstones, and other pieces that are over 15 million years old. Contact us today to learn more.

Engaging Geology Presentations

Discover the special brand of "edu-taining" used by the Oregon Fossil Guy team to engage with our audiences! We enjoy nothing more than to share the Earth Sciences with the public. Learn how the Earth has changed over the years and how the balance of our planet has been affected.

Presentations include hands-on fossil specimen displays and audience participation, with multi-media formats available as well. Program topics currently include:

Fossils You Can Find on Oregon Beaches — You'll never walk on the beach the same way again!
Oregon's State Fossil: Metasequoia — The story behind two Legislative sessions.
Oregon's State Rock: Thundereggs — How something so ugly on the outside can hide such beauty inside.
Oregon's State Gemstone: Sunstone — Crystalline clarity from the deep desert.
Dinosaur Digging in Montana — Getting dirty searching for a juvenile duckbill.
Central Oregon Fossil Digging — Basic fossil field forensics behind 'The Tale of Three Skulls'.
Fossils From America's Two West Coasts — Searching for huge fossil shark teeth on Florida's Gulf Coast, compared to collecting Oregon beach fossils.
Doug Emlong: Oregon's Smithsonian Connection — Hear how tons of Oregon and West Coast fossils found their way to our nation's capital.

Students With Fossils


Available at a bargain, each program involves a fee of only $100, plus supplies and travel costs. Please ask about discounts for educators, libraries, tour operators, and multiple-day bookings. Promotional digital images available by request.