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While we have moved from Newport to Brownsville, Oregon, you may reach out to us for fossil tour information, fossils programs and presentations, youth fossil activities, beach fossil rules, news/photo archives and resource links.  Please contact Oregon State Parks & Recreation regarding new rules, regulations and, most importantly, the limitations relating to collecting rocks, minerals and fossils from Oregon's public beaches.

Please contact me for fossil/rock trades, fossil resources and just plain fossil chit-chat.  Still have tons of Oregon beach fossils and thundereggs, Montana and Colorado petrified woods, Florida fossils and a wide variety of minerals and other fossils for trade and sale (just can't 'sell' Oregon beach fossils). eMail what you have to offer and we'll barter! Truly enjoy exchanging flat-rate U.S.P.S. Priority Mail boxes of all things geological and paleontological.

Thank you for visting and checking in.

Guy DiTorrice
"Oregon Fossil Guy"


cell/text #: 720-326-3573


My Hobbies:
Rock-hounding, fossil-collecting, hiking, biking, scuba-diving, cooking, movies.

Happy to trade fossils, minerals and rocks - just let me know your interest, surplus or just plain extras. Will do likewise!


Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:


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