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Learn about Oregon's fascinating geological history in a fun and exciting way! At Oregon Fossil Guy, we conduct engaging presentations and field trips that both educate and entertain. You'll be able to learn about and actually touch real fossils from our collections. You won't find a dull, dry, and structured approach here — we tailor our work to our audience, whether it is a kindergarten class or retirement community.

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Discover the fascinating secrets held in the ground beneath Oregon!

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About Us

Our founder, Guy DiTorrice (aka "Oregon Fossil Guy"), is glad to be able to fulfill his lifelong desire to collect and share rocks and fossils. We take great joy in educating audiences on the topic of geology, and we feature tons of Oregon beach fossils and thundereggs, Montana and Colorado petrified woods, Florida fossils, and a wide variety of minerals and other fossils for trade and sale. Contact us today for fossil and rock trades, fossil resources, or just plain fossil chit-chat; we'd love to connect with other lovers of all things geological and paleontological.


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